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  • BioThane Long Lines

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    BioThane long line. Made using the actual BIO THANE material. This lead is a great alternative to leather. We sew both ends and COPPER RIVET both ends for extra strength. Our 5\8 lines are 500 pound tensile strength & our 3/4″ lines are 750 pound tensile strength . Our 5\8″ lines come with a 5/8″ solid bronze snap. 3/4″ come with a 3/4″ solid bronze snap

    Made and designed by the Horton’s in the USA.

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    Fits Snug around arm to the top of shoulder designed for intermediate level k9’s. Includes high grade handle for comfort and control. This sleeve is made from

    Olefin fiber

    material (No Nylon) and lined with a durable water repellent material. Police sleeves are ambidextrous.


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  • Jute Puppy Rag W/ Handle

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    Jute Puppy Rag W/ Handle 15″ x 30″ The handle is reinforced for tug work with your puppies.
    Great for building drive in young Working Dogs, used by K9 Sport and Professional K-9 trainers.

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  • Puppy Collar

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    Made from Latigo leather, this puppy collar is soft yet extremely tough. Made with solid copper rivets for added strength, your puppy is sure to be safe and secure! 1 1/4″ and is adjustable to fit 14-18 inches. Available in black.

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  • Puppy Pillow

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    This Puppy Pillow is for young puppies. Great for building prey drive and grip. This pillow is great for their first training tool after rags. This pillow comes with three handles and measures about (1″ thick) by 12″ x 8.5″ Voraus flat Pillow.

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  • Recon Harness

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    Multi-purpose harness: Constructed with Metal cobra buckle, mil-spec V ring and tubing reinforced handle Resin coated (to resist fraying) T-13 mil-spec webbing. Padded using extra thick Mil Spec mesh on chest plate and back. Velcro on chest plate and back. NOW HAS VELCRO ON FRONT CHEST STRAPS!! Adjustments on side, front and belly. Mals, GSD, etc… Patches sold separately. Great for Police, Military, Sport and Service Dogs.

    Please specify color when ordering,

    COLORS: Coyote Brown, OD Green, or Black.
    Manufactured by Hortons

    it comes in 4 sizes

    50 to 60 price is 194.95
    60 to 80 price is 199.95
    80- 100 price is 229.95
    100-120 price is 245.95

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  • Soft Bar Puppy Sleeve

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    One piece soft bar puppy sleeve made with our very own designed synthetic bite material that is made in the USA.

    Great for transition from puppy rags and tugs to this sleeve.
    The soft bar is padded and designed to help build a full mouth grip.
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